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Google Associate Cloud Engineer - My Preparation

Google Associate Cloud Engineer - My Preparation


The company I work with, Redpages Consulting and ICT Services has a strong policy of developing their staff capacity through training and certifications. Recently, we have been given an opportunity to get certified as a Google Associate Cloud Engineer. This blog post is a documentation on how I plan to prepare and pass the certification exam and also acquire strong knowledge and skills that will make our company a dominant player in the Cloud space.


Our company actually plan to register its staff under a enterprise account with who offers Google Cloud training for those who want to pursue Google certifications. I have however decided that before that is done, to do my own learning and exploration. One thing I have come to know about myself is that I like owning my own learning and growth, so to this end, I have decided that I will take the Google Professional Cloud Architect as well as the Google Professional Data Engineer certification when I am through with the Associate Cloud Engineer Exams.


  • Today a colleague of mine and I bought a Udemy course - Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Bootcamp to start our preparation. This course we plan to use to get a detailed introduction to Google Cloud Platform over the next week.
  • We also plan to use the course to complement our learning.
  • We have done some research using the study guide and plan to use that guide to guide our certification journey
  • We also plan to buy another practice test on Google Cloud Platform on Udemy to practice with.

Our plan is to take the certification exams by mid-December and this study plan will hopefully provide us with knowledge and hands on skills that will upgrade our career and open up better opportunities for us and our company.

On we go.

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